Bonsall West PTA

Bonsall West PTA

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Our Leadership

Bonsall West PTA is headed by an awesome team once again. Through their leadership, we strive to be and do the following:

  • Available
  • Confident
  • Flexible
  • Knowledgeable

  • Listen Well
  • Patient
  • Sensitive

  • Show Concern
  • Showing Respect
  • Supportive

Our PTA Executive Board:

  • President – Ginni Sobti
  • Ex. VP  –  Koko McDowell
  • VP Membership – Jeannie Rogers
  • VP Programs - Kristen Stegmiller

  • Secretary – Shawna Reed
  • Treasurer – Vivian Sales
  • Auditor – Kim Spencer
  • Historian - Martha Ortega

  • Parliamentarian – Christina Marshall
  • Teacher Rep – Tina Luxenberg
  • Principal – Tina Calabrese

PTA Executive Committees:

  • Arts Attack – Patrizia Audino & Stephanie Laue

  • Supply Closet– Ruth Gill, Kristen Stegmiller, & Dawn Milton

  • Yearbook Club Chair - Koko McDowell

PTA Subcommittees:

  • Box Tops – Pending
  • Hospitality – Martha Ortega

Parent Resources

Below are links to websites that you might find useful in better understanding the PTA and education system in California.


If you are looking for continuing education opportunities, the California State PTA offers the following scholarship programs:

For nurses – Registered Nurses are eligible to apply for the $500 Continuing Education Scholarship for School Nurses. You must be employed in a California public school during the preceding year; have a nursing contract for the current year and assignment in at least one PTA school; plan to continue as a public school nurse; and use the scholarship at approved institutions or providers, such as nursing schools, hospitals, organized nursing groups, and private providers that meet California Board of Registered Nursing requirements.

For teachers and counselors – Credentialed teachers and counselors who have a minimum of three years’ experience in a California public school are eligible to apply for the $500 Continuing Education Scholarship for Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Counselors. You must be employed in a California public school during the preceding year and plan to continue working as a teacher or counselor.

For volunteers – PTA volunteers with at least three years of service are eligible to apply for the $500 Continuing Education Scholarship. Your scholarship must be used for advanced studies at accredited California colleges, universities, and trade and technical schools.

Nurses, teachers/counselors, and volunteers must apply for scholarships by October 15. The scholarship must be used from January 1–December 31 following the year of award. Proof of your enrollment and completion of coursework must be provided to the California State PTA by June 1.

Graduating High School Student

For students – Graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply for the $750 Volunteer Service Scholarship and the $500 Dr. Ralph E. White Scholarship for medical field education. Applications are due February 1.

Additional Details

All scholarships require current membership at PTAs in good standing. If you’re not yet a member but are interested in applying for these opportunities, be sure to contact your local PTA and join today!

For general questions about these important programs, please contact the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Chairman.