Bonsall West PTA

Bonsall West PTA

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Helping Our Children Reach Their Full Potential

We all want our children to reach their academic goals and, in turn, become lifelong learners. As parents and guardians, we should do our best to help them achieve these.

Bonsall West PTA in Oceanside, California is dedicated to ensuring that our kids do well in both school and life. We may not be perfect, but we have a genuine desire to help.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our aim to make every child’s potential a reality. To be able to do this, we would gladly welcome every parent and guardian’s help. If you’re a parent or guardian with time to spare, come and join us in our programs and activities. We would highly appreciate the time and effort that you would give us.

Likewise, we welcome all constructive feedback. They are essential in helping us improve our operations and address our children’s needs. Feel free to send us an email anytime.


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